William Anderson Private Investigations specializes in criminal and civil investigations. Our expertise covers insurance fraud, vehicle tracking, background checks, missing persons and short-term security solutions. We provide surveillance, undercover work, witness location, statements and interviewing, criminal & civil court testimony, computer forensics and data recovery, as well as technical surveillance countermeasures for a wide array of businesses and corporations.

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If you are in Michigan and require security for an employee’s termination and/or an executive’s travel, or need investigative services --or even if you just have a question-- please contact us.

Our first consultation is always free and we pride ourselves in prompt, personalized and professional service.

The William Anderson Agency utilizes a vast array of public and private sources to locate witnesses, deadbeat dads, thieves and threatening persons. We provide evidence for insurance fraud and corporate theft. We also provide short-term security for businesses during employment termination and executive travel, and we do it quickly and confidentially.

William Anderson Private Investigations, Inc., combines today’s Internet-rich technology with good, old fashion police investigation tactics -shoe leather- to locate people and information fast. Often times, we can deliver results in as little as one day.

The following is a current list of services offered by William Anderson, Private Investigations, Inc.

  • Civil/Criminal Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Interviews
  • Surveillance
  • Personal Security Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Short Term Security Problems
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Computer Forensics
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

All of our Reports include a comprehensive, easy-to-understand form that addresses all of your issues.

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