Case Briefs

Case #1: Thief for a Day

One client called to say that $15,000 was missing and they knew who did it. The client indicated that the suspect had fled the state. Through one of our databases we were able to locate the subject out of state. Before the end of that day the suspect's location was verified and the information was given to the client and police authorities having jurisdiction over the case.

Case #2: The Case of the Deadbeat Dad

Our client's ex went on the run shortly after being ordered to pay child support. He had no assets, utilities or credit cards listed under his name. Through 6 months of perseverance and continued help from the client we were finally able to locate this man and have him arrested. He was taken to court where he had to address the more than $20,000 he owed in back child support.

Case #3: Moonlighting in the Dark

In this case, information was obtained from our databases, which linked several individuals together. The information along with other data was forwarded to another private investigator and he was able to assist with the break up of a large car theft ring.

Case #4: Yes, I'll Marry You!

Our client had some real concerns about his future son-in-law. We were asked to check into his background and in so doing discovered the future son-in-law not only had a criminal history including several incarcerations, but that he had also been previously married... twice.

Case #5: Murderer on the Lose - Cold Case

We were hired by the family of a homicide victim to look into their case. The case was 2 1/2 years old and the family felt that no progress was being made. We successfully located the owner of the vehicle that was used in the homicide.  The vehicle was owned by a female who had a boyfriend we identified who also turned out to be the killer. The information was passed on to the police department and the killer arrested. He plead guilty to Second Degree Murder and is currently serving 25 to 40 years in the state prison.


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